Chapter 18 - Encounter

Author's Note

J. Hamilton

The Dragon possessed by Gyuwhan grants him some level of Reality Manipulation. He is able to execute almost anything that is beneficial to him. Sounds broken? Well, I'll (probably) explain it more in the future. Soul-Barrier Technique Current Known Users: Tenchi Yamaguchi, Emir Yamaguchi, Kodaki Yamaguchi, Shigaraki Orochi Rank: A The Soul-Barrier is an all-range, multi-purpose Barrier technique created many ages ago. It is considered to be among the pinnacles of all Magic, due to its flexibility and complex nature as a technique. It can be used for offence, defense, and even stealth in various ways. Tenchi Yamaguchi is known for being quite the master of this technique, constantly maintaining a barrier around the entire Family Grounds which serves to keep a check of the persons present within the area. He also has emergency barriers placed around key areas, should the main barrier fail for any reason. Shigaraki Orochi's mastery of the technique comes quite close to Tenchi's, being able to completely erase an entire neighborhood from view.