Chapter 34 - Arc 1 -Lost- Part 33

Author's Note


Hey guys, October is almost over and with that I have an important announcement concerning my releases. As you know I’ve been publishing chapters every day for this whole month. However, it’s taking quite a toll on my real-life work, more than I expected it to. Not only that but as I looked back on my previous chapters (mainly to fix some errors, btw thanks to you guys for pointing them out) I’ve been quite disappointed in a lot of them in terms of their quality. So I’ve decided to dial back my release schedule starting this coming week. I’ll be posting one chapter a week starting in November, that should free up a lot of my time to hopefully improving the story as well as to get started on another story I’ve been wanting to write as well. Anyway sorry to my loyal readers for cutting back on releases, and I hope you all continue to read and support Man Vs Edythe.