Chapter 2 - Arc 1- Lost -Part 1

Author's Note


Hey guys, it’s me yuh boy. Hope you all enjoyed the official start of Man Vs Edythe, (Well Part 0 was first, but that was just a short prologue.) and are looking forward to the action-packed, funny, serious, emotional, and sexy filled journey that Dante will eventually embark on. Oh and of course the cool and hot babes he’ll meet along the way too! This is my first work and the first time that I’ve made it public for others to read so if I can be a bit of a beggar and ask you all to leave any kind of feedback, I’ll really appreciate it. After all, I want this story to be as enjoyable to read as possible. So with all that said, thanks for reading and see you all on the next update. PS- If you can't wait until tomorrow. My personal site ( will be one chapter ahead of the other sites so you can always read more there.