Chapter 56 - What I Want

Author's Note


Tsk tsk tsk Dyon, you can’t just leave women in your wake like this For those who’ve been paying attention, you probably realized that Jade is being highly influenced by Dyon’s demonic will. Although she liked him for all the reason she said, her emotions, and her sexual drive, is being multiplied heavily under that influence. That’s why she was trying to seduce Dyon. It was even to the point where she masturbated once after he left and still wasn’t satisfied despite the fact she couldn’t stand. This is all obviously because of Dyon’s state right now. But, luckily, he wasn’t lost enough to actually take her everything. Let’s hope he can keep that up… GODDAMMIT DYON, READ MADELEINE’S MESSAGES :’( Follow me on twitter @Awespec if you’d like to interact