Chapter 69 - WTF

Author's Note


(1 – Deryth believes that Dyon is the child in the prophecy because he doesn’t find it to be a coincidence that such a talented boy just happened to be the last disciple of an ally the elves used to rely on so much (2 – as you can see… the True Empath has issues with their emotions over extended periods of time… I wonder what other character has ever expressed not liking the ability to read the emotions of others… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (*cough chapter 126 cough*) (3 – just to explain what Dyon meant by the tome shell… The tome itself is a very very very special magical treasure… so special in fact that even the ancient elves couldn’t unlock it. It wasn’t until Dyon that it found a person with a suitable demeanor and manifestation for it to bind itself to. (4 – however, the energy used to seal the tome away from prying eyes never dispersed… well, it’s more accurate to say that it was in the process of dispersing, but it would have taken centuries. All that said, the energy of the seal is technically under Dyon’s ownership because it was tied with his manifestation’s name from that night onwards… which means if Dyon wished it, which he did, he could change it back to its stone form. **now, the way he’s going to use that stone form to prove the Eostre family is guilty is something you’ll have to wait and see 😉 or, you can go to chapter 84…. Where it may or may not talk about how you can link the aura of the words on the tome to specific families… I know, I know. Praise be to me, the foreshadowing king *wink wink* ***but where is Dyon going to get this aura to prove the Eostre family guilty? Now you’ll really have to wait and see 😉 (5 – ahhh, everything is getting too wild. Primrose is the princess? Wait, Primrose can’t be the princess? Then who’s the princess? Is she dead? Is she gone? If she is, why did Dyon make Primrose dress as the princess? AAGGGHHHHHH ** I promise the campaign and world tournament arcs will be just straight up epic battles…. This is getting to be too much for even me… and I wrote it :’( *sobs quietly in the corner with Jade and the forgotten Kymil and Darcassan*