Chapter 400 - Goof (3)

Author's Note


I'll be taking a mini hiatus from RMW, I'll be back on the 23rd! During this time, if you guys want to find me, I'll be in my discord - If you join, you'll be able to read the chapters of a new novel I'll be working on during this coming week titled 'Rise. Rising. Risen'. For those wondering why I'm taking a hiatus from a well established novel to work on a new one, it's simply because I'm hoping to enter this new one into a competition. You don't have to worry, RMW will always come first until it ends. Currently, there are already 9 chapters up for you guys to enjoy Just as an added bonus, I plan on writing at least 4-5 chapters of RRR everyday during this coming week and, imo, the story is just as compelling if not better than RMW. This is to be expected, tho. RMW is my first novel and RRR is technically my third. I hope you guys swing by!