Chapter 3 - Happy End: Hide

Author's Note

Free mints

Thank you all for reading this long story to its very end. Its been.. weird and long and fun. This is literally the 1st story I had ever completed so its something you know... Smoke and Murders is my baby. My flawed as hell child. The question is, now what? For one thing, I have a little AU planned to be realeased tommorow called One Night. I also have another project coming out this year. CHAINS OF GLUTTONOUS FLESH The future of this series? Other than a AU. Well I plan to come back to this and rewrite this from scratch. The characters and some plot points will remain the same. But overall very much a revamp and rewrite. Then releases it as a visual novel. With some 18+ drawn spice stuff ;). However I need time away from this as well as some better more marketable art skills. So that would not be until a few more years. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy what ever new projects I may release for you all to enjoy.