Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 - Summer

Author's Note


Thanks for reading. This story has periods of isolation/loneliness. It’s a survival story in a post-apocalyptic world, so there are vast regions where nobody is alive. There are, of course, monsters/beasts/mutated humans in-between. The MC has no special training in anything. She is not a survival expert. And she is not a weapons/martial arts expert. She is just an ordinary person that is fighting to survive in a dying world. The story is a limited first-person POV, meaning everything you see comes from her perspective and knowledge base. At times, if you wonder why something is not named correctly, it’s because she doesn’t know what it is. It is labeled as LitRPG, but it’s more SciFi based and not a system from space. I marked it as such because there is progression in strength etc. that is quantified. Let me know what you think!