Chapter 3 - Erased Memory : The Elite Candidates

Author's Note


FUN FACT : 1. The Gifted System used to be just one A.I. But to make things efficient, it duplicates itself to multiple Systems, and each System will have the task to supports the Hosts. (So there are many Hosts not just one or two but hundreds or thousands). And yes, all of them is ‘The Gifted System’ so every System is the same. But each System is not connected to each other in real-time until they update themselves by connecting itself to the main database or both of the System agrees to share information. 2. After receiving advice from Nikhil_Chand, the assessment that was originally only had 1 test (First chap) will now have  total of 3 tests with the last test being the first chapter. 3. The next chapter will not be about the other 2 tests. Instead it will be the continuation after Xie Yan had receives his memories and become a Host. 4. The other 2 tests will be given in the future as a separate story that can be considered as a side story or something like that. Why the delay you ask? Cause im still not done with it! The test might be a bit different than the usual story. So I choose to keep that aside for now and focus on the main story. 5. Xie Yan only remembers abt the last test and not the other tests. This is bcs the memory regarding the other test arent regarded as Xie Yan’s memory (this is the main reason why I make it as a side story).