Chapter 2 - Erased Memory : The Life Of The Talented

Author's Note


Fun Fact : 1) At the age of 6, Xie Yan lost his parents. At the age of 7, Xie Yan met Lin Fan. At the age of 10, Xie Yan met NingXi. At the age of 11 - 12, Xie Yan promises to support both of his friends 2) As Im not good in creating names especially Chinese name. I was intending to just ripped off all the name of MCs from other novels. But then I realize that I can just use a name generator(Im an idiot aren’t i)… So don’t be confuse if you feel like you’ve read the name Lin Fan and Ning Xi. As those 2 are a ripped off from other novel… Xie Yan? Well the name came from a manhua but I never found the novel.