Chapter 22 - Overconfident

Author's Note


Author Note: Alright, as you all know, I'll be continuing to write, but not posting for a bit after this chapter. I will release a chapter in The Helena Chronicles when I get one done (whenever that is) as I try to get my work schedule sorted out and other life stuff. I'm thankful for you guys supporting me, and I'm about 1/3rd done writing the next chapter for Patreon (that I'll release; just had a lot more work during the weekend than I thought). I'll do my best to get everything sorted out! In story and in my life. Oh! I almost forgot! On Patreon there are two high-resolution pictures of Scarlet and Rachel. I've also made them into a high-resolution background that you can download for free! Everyone can jump over to it and dl it; no need to be a patron. Patreon — Discord Link (our growing community!) — ^_^7