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New Story

by MuffinHorror on 19/07/2019

I'm starting to write a new story because I had this idea in my head. I might post it here? I'm not too sure yet. I think I might keep it for myself for now. It is an interesting story plot. Right now I'm writing it all down on paper to see how it looks. I think it is really good so far, even though I really haven't gotten into the main part yet. Right now I'm in the process of writing the back story, which so happens to be the boring(ish) part of the book. it so happens that it is the beginning of the book too. I will tell you the tag of the book. The tags of the book are Sci-fi, and Distopian. That's kind of what has been going on. Another update on Life of a Schizophrenic will be coming soon. I just want to finish my idea before I forget it.



Discord server

by MuffinHorror on 10/07/2019

I've had this discord server for a little while now, it was only recent that I fixed it up for public uses. It has the owner, me, one mod, a couple of bots, and a whole welcoming community. It's original purpose was to be a roleplaying server, but it has much more than just that now. An example of what is going on there, there is a meme channel, poems and short stories, photography, artwork, novel information for more novels to read, there is a streaming channel for you videogamers out there, music, and of course roleplaying. If you are so interested comment on this vlog and I will reply to you the link of my discord server or you can check out my profile and you can find a link to my server. Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Also, a little side note, the chapters might come in a little later this week, depending on how much writing I can get in.
Lots of love,
MuffinHorror <3

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