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by MuffinHorror on 16/07/2019

There is nothing like having children. They are a miracle in your life. They can be wonderful things, but then again they can also be onry and obnoxious. Recently one of my kids had something bad happen to her. I don't really want to say, but the person who did it knows what they done. I hope they understand that they shouldn't be doing the stuff they have done. I have three kids I have two sons and a daughter. I love them way too much and I don't wish for anything bad to happen to them. Yes, my daughter is alright. She's struggling to be normal again, but it will take time. With every disaster there will be a small time to take to get your life back together. Maybe it'll take a day, maybe a few days, maybe in a week. How ever much time you need to take. Be strong. You can pull through. If you don't think you can, go talk to someone about it. Maybe you can figure it out together. For now, I sprinkle some happiness towards you. Let you know that someone is thinking about you. Have a good day.




by MuffinHorror on 11/07/2019

What is your favorite song?

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Discord server

by MuffinHorror on 10/07/2019

I've had this discord server for a little while now, it was only recent that I fixed it up for public uses. It has the owner, me, one mod, a couple of bots, and a whole welcoming community. It's original purpose was to be a roleplaying server, but it has much more than just that now. An example of what is going on there, there is a meme channel, poems and short stories, photography, artwork, novel information for more novels to read, there is a streaming channel for you videogamers out there, music, and of course roleplaying. If you are so interested comment on this vlog and I will reply to you the link of my discord server or you can check out my profile and you can find a link to my server. Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Also, a little side note, the chapters might come in a little later this week, depending on how much writing I can get in.
Lots of love,
MuffinHorror <3



by MuffinHorror on 06/07/2019

You heard me right. I've been asked to do a public speech at a church. Me being the procrastinating person I am (at some points in time) I'm writing the speech last minute and trying to memorize it in one day. I perform tomorrow in two churches. We'll see if I'll be able to do so. Oh, also. If you'd like me to make a book of the short stories I've wrote, please comment and show some appreciation. Lots of love,



4th of July

by MuffinHorror on 05/07/2019

I know today is the 5th of July but for those who live in America, we all celebrated a national holiday. Independence day! Wow. I hope all those fellow Americans were safe and didn't get hurt in any way. For those who don't know me, my name is MuffinHorror, but you can just call me Muffin. I hope to bring you good content and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it for you all. Have a fantastic 5th of July and I hope you go check out what I have in store for you.

Lots of love,


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