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by MJ Avis on 25/10/2019

Hello everyone,
I would like to say thank you to everyone reading my book. I am sure some of you if not all of you think there is information missing. I may at some point write a small short story explaining more of where this book comes from or how it came to be in a way. I hope this blog post will help with that. I had read the first book of a series from a very talented writer. I was not the only one some of joined a chat and wanted to live in the world with vampires and witches and humans that she created. we asked if we could do a kind of role play and she agreed so we began our story with no real starting point. I had created a kind of story in my mind as we played this role play as things went on and some players stopped playing I asked the author if I could create this role play into a book and she said I could. From there I found more players and took the role play farther then I could have ever imagined. It is now grown to the point I can create at least four books so I hope you all will stick it out with me as I turn the players words into and enjoyable story to read. I hope you all can feel as if you are living our story as we did.


Love and Betrayal

by MJ Avis on 17/10/2019

This book has been a labor of love and I have started doing a huge re-wright of it as I felt it was lacking in some key points in the first go. There are more book in this story line and I hope more people will join in the world

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