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Hello there!

by Remteldanmarkius on 08/05/2019

Hey there! It's the author of No Matter What, I Will Get Back Home (A mouthful, I know...), here with my first blog post! To be honest, I don't really know all that much to write ahaha....

Well, I do. First off, sorry you guys for not being able to upload frequently. I could make excuses like school, work, and so on, but I really should have tried to be more transparent and attempt to communicate further with you guys. Well, I can only hope this year, things get better at the very least for my writing abilities and the capabilities for me to continue this webnovel. I've got a long journey so this will be long.

Well, it's just introductions. Nice to meet you guys, and I hope to see you guys in the comments, enjoying my webnovel!

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