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Big Apologies

by Silent_C1own on 31/08/2019

I'm still rewriting and writing enough chapters so that I can keep a constant release before restarting the series later into the year, as well as see if I can balance writing and school

Goodbye, and goodnight until we meet again next time,

A tired C1own



by Silent_C1own on 28/07/2019

Getting writing lessons...i guess

see my writng bad and want to redo....

ima try and make it better



by Silent_C1own on 18/07/2019

ok, i in china. nothing working, nada

if anyone sees this please tell destiny(author on wn) that i'll be out of service for the next month(35 days)

also other authors add me on wechat cause thats the only thing that i can actually use

my wechat id: silent_c1own



by Silent_C1own on 08/07/2019

im going to take a week off to work on writing
any one that wants to give tips?


Release Schedule

by Silent_C1own on 01/07/2019

2/week -Monday 12pm UTC-4; Sunday 12pm UTC-4

1/week -Wednesday 12pm UTC-4



by Silent_C1own on 30/06/2019

Sooooo, my laptop(super old) is dying, super fast battery drain, and restarting randomly.

gunna try to finish monday's chapter on my phone, hopefully it'll be good

release schedule will be alternating between 1/week and 2/week

1/week on wednesdasy 2/week on monday and sunday




by Silent_C1own on 18/06/2019

Hello! It's a new Author here

I hope you like the one chapter I've published so far XD

Well, thats it for now!

See you soon!

Vanessa Nicole

Only one?

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