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by Glasir on 07/05/2019

Hello there, Glasir here and if you've come to my blog, it probably means that you have no life whatsoever. But don't worry, I'm with you. So are many others.

Well, I guess I post a little something about me. I am living in Las-Vegas, Nevada but was born in Ethiopia. Yes, I am an immigrant. I was brought to America by my dad when I was very young. Six maybe. And I fell in love with books and media right from the start. Although I had a hard time understanding everything, I still watched it. When my English got good enough, I started reading.

Luckily my school had something AR, Accelerated Reading, in which we would read the book and it would give us questions. If we read enough books and got the questions right, we would get a certain amount of points. I had enough points to get a meal-of-my-choice twice and a medal. Point is, I liked reading.

And in the beginning of this year, I had my first try in being on the other side of the book experience. I became an author. I wrote three books on webnovel, two of which make me cry in my bed because of how bad they are. One of which I posted here. Don't try to even look over there!

I am also good at EDITING so if your an author, hit me up. Be warned though, I charge! Like 2$ per chapter but still!

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