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Physical release

by UglyOtter on 24/12/2021

Hello all,

The book will be going live on Amazon in the next 2 months for those of you who want it. It's int be final stages of editing right now.


I'm back with a vengeance.

by UglyOtter on 13/12/2021

Hello all,

After an extended hiatus I have good news. My first book is completed. I will be posting a chapter exclusively to MoonQuill every Monday at 1:13 pm. I have an "Origin" route for Q's story, and a "Karma" route. The "Origin" story is the one I am posting right now. It was my first spin on Q's adventure. It has a higher focus on world building, relationships, lasting consequences, and drama. "Karma's" story was geared more towards action and adventure. "Karma" devolved into a separate title in the same universe that I may well post here if you decide it's something you want.

Thanks for waiting,

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